Easy Pay Solutions

Solutions for Billing Companies and the Clients they Serve

Reducing valuable time and increasing productivity for billing companies and the practices they serve.

A fast-growing billing company was experiencing increasing levels of frustration with their patient payment processes. Each time a patient would call to pay their bill, the billing company would hand-write the payment card information, call the practice and have a practice-side employee leave their desk, go to the counter, enter the payment on the counter-top terminal, then write down the authorization number for the billing company. The billing company would then go into the practice management system to post the payment. If the call from billing company to practice went unanswered, they would try again. If there were several payments in a day they would repeat this process – for 35 practices!!  This process was eating up time and productivity for both billing company and the practices they served.

The billing company reached out to Easy Pay for a solution. Using a combination of our virtual terminal and multi-location capability, Easy Pay gave the billing company a single interface for all 35 practices, accessible from any internet connected device, and available to all personnel responsible to transact and post patient payments. Now, the billing company accepts patient payments, transacts them with the merchant account of the practice, and posts them into the PM system – all without calling the practice, writing down the credit card information, or compromising sensitive cardholder information.